Mission and Values

Arnd Petmecky
Chairman of the Board of Directors

For me, ‘Gateway Management’ means sustainable development of simple ideas for innovative products and daring business options for stable business partnerships!

Bürgenstock stands for sustainable and joint business development for growth in tune with the economy.

In your opinion, what does Bürgenstock offer in terms of added value for your clients?

The word value exactly expresses what distinguishes Bürgenstock from many other consulting firms. Because it is precisely this value that we offer our customers and want to achieve together with them. And not in the short-term, but sustainably and adjusted to the economic circumstances such as business development by connecting strong and innovative markets in Switzerland with exponentially growing markets in Asia. An example would be high-tech security and finances and investments where we offer reliable and solid potential.

On what levels do your clients come into contact with this added value?

On the one hand, the client of course learns about our functional expertise. Our broad but focussed portfolio of services revolves around all topics which have to do with sustainable business development. On the other hand, however, the quality and methodical approach of our services are even more decisive. Our topics are deeply based on our experiences and excellent network and we actively implement the resulting knowledge for our clients. Most of all, the common ground and mutuality of partnerships created in this context create new approaches. Connecting people, topics and ideas are crucial factors which distinguish Bürgenstock from the rest.

Who then jointly implements these topics?

Selected institutions, partner firms and specialists work for us who have a varied cross-sector range of experiences. These include people from automobile, electronics, technology and communication companies as well as public contractors to name but a few. Our expertise lets us offer a comprehensive range of services. We are especially proud of our proven experience and our network here at home and in international markets.

Last but not least, this range of cross-sector know-how enables us to offer customer specific ‘gateway’ solutions or to develop them together with them in a sustainable and profitable business relationship.