Gateway to Switzerland


The innovation performance of enterprises will strongly affect the growth of the Swiss economy in the longer term. In order to assess these and forecast results, a regular survey of around 6,000 companies has been carried out in Switzerland since 1990. In summary, it can be said that Switzerland has understood that the innovation is driver for sustainable economic stability. Switzerland, alongside Germany, takes a leading role in Europe even in times of crisis.

Free Trade

Switzerland is country firmly bound to the world economy and its own economy is distinguished through its international orientation. Swiss prosperity therefore depends to a large extent on the international trade of goods and services and of cross-border investment activity. With the conclusion of free trade agreements, Switzerland aims to provide access to international markets for your company; free trade agreements are an important instrument for Switzerland for maintaining and strengthening the competitiveness of the business centre that is Switzerland.

High Tech

The Swiss high-tech industry has driven the growth of exports in past years and contributed significantly to the positive balance of trade balance in recent years. With a total of 50 billion dollars (48 billion Swiss francs) total export value in the high-tech sector put Switzerland in 11th place of the world's suppliers of high technology products. Around a quarter of Swiss exports come from the high-tech sector. The ratio of exported high-tech goods to total exports in Singapore (45 percent) and Malaysia (43 percent) is higher than in Switzerland.


The growth of the Swiss investment market is still stabile and is mostly unaffected by geopolitical influences. The volume in the Swiss fund market has increased steadily in recent years to about 712 billion Swiss francs. 284 billion was for Swiss funds for institutional investors. Almost half of the increase was in the categories shares and bonds. There were large inflows even with commodities, real estate and multi-asset funds. The proportion of alternative investments here amounted to 5.5 billion Swiss francs.


Nidwalden is one of the founding cantons of Switzerland. It is a small canton located in the heart of the country, right by the famous Lake Lucerne, offering excellent transport connections, an effective administration, competitive tax rates and an innovation-friendly climate for investors. The Bürgenstock resort, ready in 2017, will be one of the largest conference and recreation facilities in the Alps. Bürgenstock Associates is a partner of Bürgenstock Hotels.